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The Vision

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Eventually we will be providing free healthcare globally and we will be bringing all the latest innovations in all areas of health. All procedures, innovations, remedies, technologies, exercises, cures, nutritional information will be on here. It will eventually be a fully interactive platform between those bringing the remedies/technologies can showcase what they have and be fully and securely interactive with those seeking help/knowledge. 

World Health Authority

There will be everything from ancient healing practices, to the latest in brain surgery techniques. We believe all have the right to have the same healthcare and resources as anyone else. We also know everyone is an individual and everyone has the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies, this is why we want to build this site to bring together all options from holistic remedies to the latest technological treatment  for the same issue.    

Alternative Medicine Supplies
Science Lab

We are more than aware of some of the atrocities that have been going on for the last century with those trying to bring out cures, new technologies and truth into the health industries and we want to put all these wrongdoings right, for the betterment of all humanity. Also the World Health Authority will be carrying out extensive investigations into all current and future medical treatments in our own independent laboratories. All of the findings will be publicised in a simple to understand manner. We believe in transparency and we will not hide anything from any of you, with full information you can take control of your choices as without full knowledge and understanding a choice is not a choice.

There are only two rules in becoming members of the World Health Authority, just like the UCc-1, the World Martial Authority and AlterNations  are no harm to life and no harm to planet (´s). 

Lets build a global healthcare system that will provide for our children and grandchildren for generations and generations to come.

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